Disposable compression devices

Our hygienic disposable options are innovative solutions which do not required washing or preparation. With their skin-friendly (hypersensitive) materials the bandages combine safe and uncomplicated handling with excellent wearing patient comfort.

All the different types of Werkmeister compression device have the following features:

  • Time-saving application in just a few simple steps by one nurse
  • Constant pressure during the entire wearing period
  • Compliance with highest quality standards


Cosafix® disposable compression devices:

  • 3050022/s Cosafix® R
  • 3050032/s Cosafix® L
  • 3050082/s Cosafix® XL/R
  • 3050092/s Cosafix® XL/L
  • 3060001/s Cosafix® Strap for leg L
  • 3060000/s Cosafix® EPU
  • 3050010     Cosafix® universal
  • 3050015     Cosafix® Bauchband
  • 3050063     Cosafix® Radialis S
  • 3050060     Cosafix® Radialis T sterile
  • 3050061     Cosafix® Radialis T nicht non-sterile
  • 3050072     Cosafix® Brachialis S