Pressure discs

Pressure discs serve to increase the pressure during the aftercare of puncture sites using compression devices. These solutions, also called pressure discs , are manufactured according to the highest quality standards.

We offer a comprehensive selection of ready-to-use Pressure discs that improve treatment results in the long run. There is a wide selection of different products to suit the different user preferences and requirements.

All the Werkmeister pressure disc products have the following characteristics:

  • Ready for immediate use when applying a sterile compress
  • Optimised shapes for very precise pressure application
  • Constant pressure guaranteed for the entire wearing period
  • Fast, easy and safe positioning
  • Greater safety than improvised absorbent solutions (e.g. rolls of
    bandage) because secondary bleeding is detected or prevented immediately.

Ready-to-use pressure discs:

  • 3030042 Pressure disc »Rolle«
  • 3030072 Pressure disc »Rolle« with Velcro
  • 3030043 Pressure disc »Ellipse«
  • 3030074 Pressure disc »Ellipse« with Velcro
  • 3030052 Pressure disc »Speedy«
  • 3030073 Pressure disc »Speedy« with Velcro
  • 3030092 Pressure disc »Mini Rolle«
  • 3030010 Pressure disc »Ufo«
  • 3030062 Pressure disc »Cherry«